FDTech also known as Freedawn Technologies was founded in 2009 as a small computer repair shop for domestic computers. Since then, FDTech has grown and now also works with clients from small to medium businesses designing and developing company logos, websites, hardware based solutions and consultancy.

Over time FDTech has grown from working soley with home computers around Nottingham to covering homes and businesses around the East Midlands area. FDTech has continued  to grow with including website development and web hosting facilities. 

Our overall vision at FDTech is to keep delivering high quality services and continue to develop  into new areas.

FDTech is currently developing a team that will handle Android game apps and app solutions for businesses.

Our mission at FDTech is quite simple. We aim to provide the very best service for all our customers and open up the possibilities for small businesses.

We aim to provide a professional service at competitive and reasonable prices whilst maintaining out friendly family run business feel.

We want all our customers to feel that they have their very own, personal IT department on their side.


Website Design & Build
Let Freedawn Technologies help you design and create a beautiful and modern website. Our friendly team will help you achieve the website of your dreams. We will listen to what you want and help advise you on what we think can make your site come to life.

Web Hosting
FDTech web hosting solutions helps you get your new site up and running, live on the web. We have highly competitive tariffs and will make sure that you get the most out of your website.

Site Analytics
We can help set up and manage your sites analytical data to help you evaluate and implement suitable changes to optimise your sites SEO and marketing potentials. If you prefer, we can help get you started and give you step by step tutorials on how to use all the free tools that are provided by Google.

Cloud Solutions
We can help you set up an online storage space, to share files and documents securely over the web. Help connect staff and customer to your business with the ease of access, cloud computing. FDTech will help utilise your site and business more efficiently by integrating Google cloud based applications.

Computer MOT
From time to time you may find that your computer starts to run slow or maybe your security needs an upgrade. We will give your computer a once over making sure that your software and security is all up to date. We will also give the computer a good going over to make sure that it is running tip top again and even give the inside a little clean.

Search Engine Optimisation
We will help your site rank high on search engines like Google, Bing and yahoo with updated and appropriate Search Engine Optimization. We will work with you to ensure that the key factors of your business are correctly being indexed and help you get your site to the top.

Repairs & Upgrades
Our friendly engineers will look for the best solution for your personal needs and help you fix or upgrade your current systems to get you back up and running again.

Home Tutorials
FDTech also offer one to one home tutorial sessions. Our staff members are friendly, courteous. Learn how to use your home computer to its full potential at a pace that is suited to you.

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